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Piglets possums and rabbits used as live bait in secret training sessions Four Corners reveals". Restore your faith in humanity in 4 minutes flat. There is some concern over the welfare of New Zealand racing greyhounds by a growing animal advocacy lobby [46] that has led the racing industry to initiate its own internal inquiry into their outcomes, injuries and welfare.

The groups often also find that the dogs carry tick -borne diseases and parasites due to the lack of proper preventative treatments. Greyhound adoption groups frequently report that the dogs from the tracks have tooth problems, the cause of which is debated. One of the world's foremost spiritual leaders has used his influence to speak out in defence of all those who share this planet. The studbook is kept by the South African Studbook and organization who keep studbooks for all stud animals. Tell us what you think of Economist. Start your own fundraising page.

The race could be at any number of gritty greyhound tracks across the country. Changes in gambling habits may kill off dog racing for good. How much will the Australian dad watching in the crowd or on TV risk on his greyhound racing bet? How many greyhound bets will he make. Killing greyhounds for gambling IS NOT OKAY. There are around 20, greyhounds bred for racing in Australia every year, with the only possible outcome an.

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